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Kodomo Baby Lotion (Original) 200ml

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Specification of the Kodomo Baby Lotion (Original) 200ml


Description of the Kodomo Baby Lotion (Original) 200ml

Are you a parent looking for the perfect baby lotion that combines quality, safety, and the goodness of nature? Look no further! We proudly present Kodomo Baby Lotion, brought to you from Thailand. At, we believe in offering the best for your little ones, and Kodomo Baby Lotion is no exception.

Key Features:

  • 🍼 Baby Care Essential: Specifically designed for your baby's delicate skin, Kodomo Baby Lotion is a must-have in your baby care routine.
  • 🌱 Imported From Thailand: We bring you the goodness of Thai expertise in baby care. Kodomo is a Japanese brand committed to keeping baby products free from harmful substances and embracing the natural touch.
  • 💧 200ml Bottle: Conveniently sized, this 200ml bottle ensures you have an ample supply of Kodomo Baby Lotion for your baby's daily moisturizing needs.
  • 🌟 High-Quality Product: Trust in the quality that Kodomo, a renowned Japanese brand, is known for. Your baby deserves the best, and Kodomo delivers just that.
  • 🌿 Natural and Safe: Kodomo Baby Lotion is formulated to keep your baby's skin moisturized and soft, just like how it was nurtured in a mother's womb. Say goodbye to rashes with this anti-rash and non-allergenic lotion.
  • Quick Absorption: No more waiting around! Kodomo Baby Lotion absorbs quickly, leaving your baby's skin feeling fresh and hydrated.
  • 🌏 Country of Origin: Thailand: Straight from the heart of Thailand, Kodomo Baby Lotion brings you the essence of quality and care.

Why Choose Kodomo?

Kodomo understands the importance of maintaining the purity of your baby's skin. Our lotion is carefully crafted to provide the best care, making it the perfect choice for mothers who want nothing but the best for their little ones.

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At, we offer the best price in Bangladesh for Kodomo Baby Lotion. Give your baby the care they deserve without breaking the bank. Shop now and experience the joy of happy, healthy baby skin.

Choose Kodomo Baby Lotion for the ultimate in baby care – because your baby deserves the best!

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Explore the latest price of Kodomo Baby Lotion (Original) 200ml in Bangladesh, listed at BDT 650.00. You can buy Kodomo Baby Lotion (Original) 200ml at the best price from our website, We're your top choice for online shopping in Bangladesh!

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