Kodomo Baby Powder Extra Mild 400g: The Perfect Choice for Your Baby's Soft Skin

Kodomo Baby Powder Extra Mild (400g)

Brand: Kodomo|Category: Baby Powder


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Specification of the Kodomo Baby Powder Extra Mild (400g)

Product NameKodomo Baby Powder Extra Mild
Flavour:Extra Mild
Care TypeSensitive Skin
Country of OriginThailand

Description of the Kodomo Baby Powder Extra Mild (400g)

Kodomo Baby Powder Extra Mild (400g): Ultimate Care for Your Baby's Sensitive Skin

👶 Give your baby's delicate skin the ultimate care with Kodomo Baby Powder Extra Mild (400g)! Made in Thailand specifically for sensitive skin, this baby powder is perfect for Bangladeshi parents looking for a gentle and effective way to keep their little ones comfortable.

Here's what makes Kodomo Baby Powder Extra Mild so special:

  • 🌸 Extra Mild Formula: Specially formulated for babies with sensitive skin, this powder is free from harsh chemicals and irritants, making it gentle enough for everyday use.
  • Made with High-Quality Talc: Provides a smooth, satin-like feel on your baby's skin, keeping them comfortable and happy.
  • 🛡️ Anti-Rash Protection: The powder's anti-rash formula is tested to be non-allergic, offering soothing relief and protection from diaper rash and external irritants.
  • 💧 Keeps Baby Dry: Absorbs moisture and perspiration, keeping your baby's skin dry and comfortable throughout the day.
  • 👶 Perfect for Newborns: Suitable for use from 0+ months, making it a great choice for parents right from the start.

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🏃 With Kodomo Baby Powder Extra Mild, you can be sure your baby's skin is getting the gentle care it deserves. Order yours today at Anably.com and give your little one the gift of comfort!

What is the price of Kodomo Baby Powder Extra Mild (400g) in Bangladesh?

Explore the latest price of the Kodomo Baby Powder Extra Mild (400g) in Bangladesh, listed at BDT 867.00. You can buy the Kodomo Baby Powder Extra Mild (400g) at the best price from Anably.com. We're your top choice for online shopping in Bangladesh!

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