5 In One Sofa Bed

5 In One Sofa Bed

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Specification of the 5 In One Sofa Bed

Description of the 5 In One Sofa Bed

Features And Benefits:
1. It is a sophisticated Sofa
2. This is an ultimate sleeping and seating solution.
3. It can be used as a 3 Seat Sofa, Luxurious Lounger, Recliner, Queen Sized Bed, Children's High Rise Sleeper.
4. Air sofa 5-in-1 can be used outside or around the house, camping and even in the pool.
5. Perfect for overnight guests, parties, sleepovers and visiting friends and family; supports up to 600-pounds.
6. This will make a great addition to any living room, bedroom or guest room.
7. It is perfect for overnight guests, parties, sleepovers, and visiting friends and family.
8. A Children's high rise sleeper and a beautifully blissful bed.
*The product is worth spending your valuable money.
*It is a sophisticated and a great looking Sofa.
*It is a luxurious lounger and a relaxed recliner.
*Inflates in about 180 seconds
*includes lightweight duffle bag for easy storage
*Easy clean up & 120V UL-approved AC pump is detachable

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