Cervical Orthosis Ethafoam, Tynor

Cervical Orthosis Ethafoam Tynor

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Product Specification of the Cervical Orthosis Ethafoam Tynor

Product Description of the Cervical Orthosis Ethafoam Tynor

Cervical Orthosis (Philadelphia) An advanced collar with a scientific design that, on the one hand, ensures complete immobilization and, on the other, perfect comfort. The frontal opening allows it to be used in tracheotomy patients, as well as helping the area to be well ventilated. The swollen balloon shape makes it a perfect collar to treat patients with burns.
Perfect immobilization
hypoallergenic anatomically shaped
Ethafoam body light in weight, nonabsorbent, ensure easy cleaning and maintenance.
Pre-formed chin provides chin lock, arrests the neck rotation for strong immobilization. The rest to the chin improves comfort.
Anatomical and balloon design offers perfect immobilization, minimal contact of the neck, allows use in burn or trauma patients.
Hypoallergenic materials ensure no rash or allergy even on prolonged use, compatible with geriatric use, improves compliance.
Tracheotomy opening allows use along with endotracheal tube, improves air ventilation, comfort, and compliance.
Two-piece design allows easy application, firm occipital support, option for varying rigidity.