Disposable Coverall Protective Suit

Disposable Coverall Protective Suit

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Product Specification of the Disposable Coverall Protective Suit

Product Description of the Disposable Coverall Protective Suit

Buy Disposable coverall protective suit online in Bangladesh from Cellsii.com.This is made of non-woven fabric after cutting and stitching non-sterile and disposable. It is made of high quality anti static and waterproof SMMSS materiel stitching.
Key features
Tailored fits for improved comfort
Hard-to-penetrate seals protect against contaminants
Attached hoods and boots
Tear and puncture resistance
Machine washable for multiple uses and waterproof
Longer zipper extends to chin for complete coverage of neck area
Elastic opening for tighter fit at wrist
Fabrics provide superior durability
Used for general quarantine in medical institutions, clinics, wards, test room, outside office
Color White