Dual Pore Brush

Dual Pore Brush

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Product Specification of the Dual Pore Brush

Product Type
Pore Brush

Product Description of the Dual Pore Brush

Perfect Pore Deep Cleansing with dual brush Ultra Micro fiber, Silicone embossed brush, Streamlined grip, Soft and Rich Bubbles Cleansing the wastes in pores cleanly without irritation that can not reach the hands To remove waste in the pores, blackheads, sebum and fine dust clearly To help the blood circulation to make smooth skin texture To hygienic storage with streamlined and stable grip and standing design Dedicate and clean special processing The body made of special plastic can be used for a long time without deformation After the foam cleaner put on the ultra microfiber, it rubs to bubbles Gently rolls the ultra micro fiber brush in the opposite direction of the skin texture Massage with the other side silicone brush to softly rolling the areas of the nose and T-Zone with lots of dead skin cell and sebum After brush and massage, rinse the face with lukewarm wate