Prickly Heat Powderr - 75g

Prickly Heat Powderr - 75g

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It is one of the sub brands of Zydus Wellness Products Ltd. With the heritage of over 50 years, It continues to remain as one of the most trusted and #1 brand in prickly heat & cooling powder category in India. The brand has over the years established its efficacy and expertise. has unique Germ Fighter Formula which is clinically proven to provide Instant Germ Kill & 3 Visible results from summer skin problems such as Sweat, Body Odour, Itching, Rashes & Prickly Heat.
Microbes causing skin problems like rashes due to prickly heat and prickly heat Protects from prickly heat causing germs & soothes the skin, keeping it refreshed.
Absorbs sweat, fights body odor, calms rashes, soothes itching
Cool Herbal has the goodness of neem oil to combat germ