Alada Soap

Alada Soap

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Product Specification of the Alada Soap


Product Description of the Alada Soap

Reduce scars, acne, dark spots - Help remove dead skin cells - Whitens skin you can see the effect on the first try - With collagen - Anti-aging Made with 100% organic ingredients: How to use: Apply to the area to be used for face and body wet. Skin whitening,anti-acne and dark spots for a bath every day. Size 160 g / 1 bar
Exfoliates dead skin unclogs open pores
Keep skin smooth and refreshed
Suitable for all skin types
Organically pure and preservative free
Can remove acne, freckles, and pimples
Have a good effect for nourishing & moisturizing your skin
For clearer and fine skin complexion