Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor

Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor

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Specification of the Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor

Description of the Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor

To determine man’s heart rate and blood pressure, this instrument is used. Used with how to install this tool on the sphygmomanometer of the arm and the unit will gently read blood pressure, wait for a while to understand the end result.
Name: Electronic sphygmomanometer automatic arm
Display: LCD display of liquid crystal
Measurement technique: oscillographic detection method
Normal operating environment: temperature 5~40? Moisture= 80% RH
Transportation and storage: moisture-20~55? Humidity 10 percent~90 percent RH
Measurable arm circumference: approximately 22 cm~32 cm
Weight: approximately 5.35 kg
Power Supply: DC 6V (4x AA Battery)
Dimensions: 9.8x 12.6x 6.0 cm
Safety Category: Internal Power Supply Type B
Press the way: vibration plate type pump pressure adjustment mode
Quick exhaust mode: Extreme exhaust valve open
Pressure detection: Semiconductor pressure sensor.
Detection of pulses: stress sensor for semiconductors
Measurement Range:
Pressure: 0-280mmHg
Pulse: 40-199 Pulse / Min
Pressure: +-3mmHg
Pulsa Rate: within +-5%
Easy to use
Just install this device on the wrist and switch this sphygmomanometer on. The findings will be accurate in a few moments.
Using unique products of fabric that do not invite the germs so that they can be used safely and comfortably continuously.
Precise measurement
This blood pressure monitor can generate precise information so that you can confidently find out the test outcomes.
Package Includes:
1 x Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor Sphygmomanometer (RAK289)
1 x User Manual

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